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What readers are saying about...

"I just finished reading Twisted Triangle. It was just fantastic. You are a wonderful writer and kept my interest throughout the whole book. Tomorrow I am going to the library to pick up your other books. Patricia Cornwell and James Patterson are my favorite writers and now you are up there with them. Keep on writing. You are great!!"

-- Binky K., Cleveland, TN

"Your book is more than a portrait, as it peers through the human facade to its very soul, a spell-binding, tortured tale that is unbelievably true. Great job, Caitlin. I couldn't put it down. Note the time stamp; I've read it nonstop from the time of my earlier email till now... So glad you're doing well enough to be fully self-employed as a writer. Can't wait for the next."

-- Bob Sherin, Miami, FL

"Just now finished Twisted Triangle -- Great job, Caitlin... Can't wait to now read your novel! I'm very much a fan of your work."

-- Barb Woods, Coronado, CA


I just finished reading your first novel, Naked Addiction. I LOVED IT!!!!!! I read the book in less than a week, which as of late is a feat, given that there have been so few fictional novels that can hold my attention. The character development was fabulous and I especially enjoyed the way you would tell bits of the story and then give the reader morsels of information about each key player as the tale unfolded. It keeps the reading wanting to read on and makes it difficult to put the book down...I know that your literary career will be a very long one and I look forward to reading your next endeavor. "

-- Lee Anne Hamilton

"Thank you for writing a story that I enjoyed reading. Your novel showed that addiction of any kind leads to destructive behavior. I found it interesting to read about the crime from both the police and cub reporter's point of views. I learned what the police can and can't say to the press and what the press can and can't print. It's all a play on words. Compared to other mystery novels I've read, your knowledge of police procedures and the details you provide were much more extensive. And it flowed smoothly as I read it... I didn't figure out who the culprit was before it was revealed... I look forward to the reading your next book, Twisted Triangle."

-- Pearla S., San Diego, CA

"I just finished the book Naked Addiction and it was great! I read at least 2 to 3 crime/mystery novels a week and this is one of the best I've read in years. The author has the talented ability to allow the reader to get into the characters with rich descriptions of their thoughts and actions. I couldn't put it down. I am extremely hopeful that the author Caitlin Rother will write another fiction crime novel and keep the Ken Goode character going."

-- Ann Westmoreland, Yorktown, VA


"I see it as a genre classic. The detail and accuracy are impressive and it's easy to follow."

-- Joe Schneider, San Diego, CA

"I rewarded myself for the holidays with a paperback copy of 919 member Caitlin Rother's Poisoned Love, the true-crime story of a murder involving the San Diego County Medical Examiner's Office itself. The book is superb. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Ms. Rother's Pulitzer Prize-nominated style is on display in all its glory."

-- Greg Joseph, Glendale, AZ

“Wow! Your book is excellent. It is probably one of the five best books of the genre I have read. I had followed Kristin's case very closely and had tried to get any additional information anyway I could. I was amazed at how much I did not know. You presented all this information in such an understandable manner. You have done an excellent job in helping me to understand how this could have happened. This is rarely the case in any book or movie about a crime and you did it with great impartiality. I hope you are working on another book - I will be in line to buy it.”

-- Nancy Nagano, Santa Monica, CA

“For months I followed the case through the superlative reporting on signonsandiego.com and you did a great job there as well, but this book, may be the best true crime book I've ever read since Helter Skelter. You're in the same class with Bugliosi, Ann Rule, Joe McGinness as far as true crime authors. It's rare that you see this detailed and lucid account of what turned out to be a very complicated case. As a 28-year police radio dispatcher, first for the CHP and the last 9 for the state Department of Justice, I've read many true crime books but this is one of the very best I've ever come across... Again, please accept my appreciation to you for a superbly written book about a very compelling crime."

-- Matt Kawamura, Sacramento, CA

“I have just finished reading your book, Poisoned Love. I just could not put it down until I finished it, and upon reading your own story in the author's note, I just had to write to you."

-- Nataly Urbanek

"This is my first time to write to an author. I have enjoyed your first non-fiction crime book very much. I am a fan of Anne Rule and find your style of writing similar, which is probably why your book was such a good read to me. Hoping to see more (of your) true crime books to come out. I read many crime books and have found too many that are too sensational and too gory when talking about the actual crime. Your style of writing tells the story in such a way that makes it hard to put the book down, yet does not put the reader off by being too descriptive. Thanks for an enjoyable read."

-- Denise Douglas, Langley, British Columbia, Canada

“(A friend) started to tell me about your book, knowing my deep fascination with true crime stories/books. He could not remember the name of the new book but gave me a few details of the story. I immediately knew what he was talking about and asked if the "new" book was called Poisoned Love. He said, in fact, that was the name and then asked who the author was and I told him Caitlin Rother, a Union-Tribune reporter. I told him I had just finished reading it Sunday morning. He was baffled that I could have possibly have read the "new" book already. I bought it two days before (therefore it was not "new" to me) at Costco, and started reading it Saturday afternoon. I set the alarm for 5:30 am Sunday so I could get up to finish because I couldn't stand the suspense. So I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I thought your book very well written and extremely well researched. There were juicy details to the story that I had yet to have read about (and I am a juicy detail junkie). Great work! ... I am looking forward to your next book. Best of luck!"

-- Caba Blair, Bonita, CA

“I got your book, POISONED LOVE, the Monday after the great review was printed in the San Diego Union Tribune. The book was was sold out at Borders, so I made the trek over to Barnes & Noble. I could NOT put that book down... I am serious. I couldn't stop reading it. My cleaning/washing/ironing/cooking came to a complete standstill!! Didn't even shop!!! ... I remembered only bits and pieces of the story from the newspapers. You did a masterful job of collating all of that information and putting it into a fascinating and thrilling piece of non-fiction. I learned so much about the criminal justice system!!! I highly recommend the book to anyone who wants to know the story behind the headlines and the TV news reports. I am looking forward to reading more of your work. Thank you!!"

-- Roberta Houston, San Diego, CA

"Just wanted to drop a short note to thank you for the book on Kristin Rossum. Even to the last page, I find myself wondering if she really did it! If that isn't unbiased reporting, I don't know what is. Wonderful story, well told... Picked up your book in Pocatello, Idaho, at the Walmart to read on the plane back. Had never heard of the case before then. Sure was fascinating. Incredible amount of work you put into telling the story properly. I was also interested in your note at the end. I am an alcoholic who has not had a drink in 22 years, so I can relate to you in a sense. Addiction ruins lives daily, as your story graphically illustrates."

-- Paul D., Maryland