Caitlin Rother at book signing

Writing Coach, Research/Editorial Consultant and Book Doctor

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What people are saying:

  • “In Caitlin Rother’s one-day workshop on narrative nonfiction, I was impressed by her knowledge and her teaching skills with beginners and seasoned writers alike. I asked her to consult with me on my book proposal for The Road from Golden Hill and she helped me get it into submittable condition. She held my feet to the fire about what I needed to do, and she also encouraged me. I needed both. Her recommendations were dead on, and I now have a book contract with the University of California Press.”

    ~Barbara Davenport
    coaching client and former student, San Diego


  • “My stories have come alive with vivid imagery and snappy dialogue thanks to all that I have learned from Caitlin Rother. With her vast knowledge of how to build scenes, Caitlin also taught me research and interviewing techniques, how to incorporate factual details and quotes into my writing, and how to engage the attention of readers, all of which helped me reach my goal of being published.”

    ~Julia Hanweck
    coaching client and writing student, San Diego


  • “I just got word that I was accepted to the UCSD MFA program in writing. I am so happy, and I am so, so grateful to you for taking the time to write a letter of support for me. Part of my writing sample was the work I turned in to you for your class, and I can’t thank you enough for all you did—in class and out—to help me.”

    ~Ken Saragosa
    former student, San Diego


  • “Caitlin was very helpful to me, working with me to really ‘see’ my [narrative non-fiction] story. She didn’t just read it and mark it up for grammar and phrasing, but helped me to visualize the scenes and challenged me to make them more alive for the reader.”

    ~Robert Sorrenti
    coaching client, San Diego


  • “If you have ever had doubts about teaching, DON’T. Val and I agree we learned more from you than all the other teachers we’ve had. The last two put us to sleep.”

    ~Penne Horn
    former student, San Diego


As the author or co-author of nine books, including a New York Times bestselling memoir, I have the knowledge and experience to help you write, edit, research and publish your book.

As a writing instructor and coach, I have the skills to help you learn what has worked well for me along the road to publication, as well as what pitfalls to avoid. And after doing most of my own publicity, I can also help you promote your book.

I will work with you to tailor a program to reach your specific goals and still stay within your budget. Here are just some of the one-on-one instructional, coaching and consulting services I can provide:

  • Read/critique works in progress and offer tips to help you improve your writing for publication.
  • Offer specific guidance on how to do the investigative reporting and research needed for your particular project.
  • I can conduct research for your book or story, do backgrounding, or vet clients or ideas for a proposed project.
  • Help you shape and write a book or story (starting with an idea, a half-finished manuscript or a complete draft).
  • I can develop and write a non-fiction book proposal on your idea, or guide you through the process to do it yourself (fees may vary).
  • Help you improve your interviewing skills to learn what questions to ask, of whom, and when - questions will vary for journalism, fiction and narrative nonfiction.
  • Help you navigate the ever-changing publishing world with tips on how to find an agent, build a platform, develop an online presence, or get more notice for already published books.
  • Help you promote your book through event planning, online blog tours, radio/TV tours, social media, and getting reviews or news stories written about your books.
  • Teach you how to get on TV and radio to talk about your book, and coach you on how to give a successful performance.