Speaker & Crime Expert for TV/radio



I have appeared on more than 75 television and radio shows such as:

  • Nancy Grace
  • Women Who Kill on E!
  • Snapped, Oxygen network
  • Greta Van Susteren's On the Record
  • Numerous Investigation Discovery, including Who the Bleep Did I Marry? On the Case With Paula Zahn, True Crime With Aphrodite Jones, and Deadly Women
  • Various NPR and PBS affiliates

To get a taste of my style, you can listen to radio podcast interviews on the Newsroom page of this website, or watch some of my TV interviews, speeches and readings on YouTube. A complete list of my media appearances is also available upon request.


A small sampling of my speaking engagements:

  • The City Club of San Diego, date TBA
  • San Diego Women's Week 2012
  • Literary Orange 2012
  • Pt. Loma Nazarene's Symposium By the Sea 2012
  • West Hollywood Book Fair 2011
  • Coronado Rotary Club 2011
  • American Association of University Women (AAUW) 2011 and 2010
  • Southern California Writer's Conference 2009
  • National Writer's Workshop 2006

What people are saying:

“I was so impressed with your presentation. You are a strong woman with a positive yet REAL outlook on life.”

—Karen Ellis

CEO, Social Sweet Spot

“Caitlin was the only speaker we had requested to speak twice in 15 years. Her clever presentations and style of sharing her published books with us held us captive.”

—Barbara Novikoff

American Association of University Women

“Much like peeling back the layers of an onion, Rother gets to the core of a killer's mind, and she takes her audience along for the ride.”

—Kris Grant, Publisher

Coronado Lifestyle Magazine

“Caitlin is not only a spellbinding writer, but a mesmerizing storytelling in person. If you enjoy reading her true crime novels, you’ll love hearing them described in the author’s own words.”

—Jim Neumann

Webmark Partners


I tell stories for a living – on the page and in person. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others, be they readers, writers, or people simply looking to broaden their horizons and gain a little inspiration in the process. I speak to groups large and not so large. With many stories to tell, I can tailor my talk to fit your budget and specific needs, whether it be about the cases I’ve covered, how to write a novel or a narrative non-fiction book – anything from true crime to memoir – or the risks I’ve taken to pursue my dream jobs, first as a journalist and now as a full-time author and writing instructor.

You Can't Win if You Don't Play


TV Reel



A few possible speech topics, from the educational to the motivational and inspirational:

  • "Lost Girls: The making of sexual predator John Gardner, who raped and killed two San Diego area teenagers, Chelsea King and Amber Dubois.

    Growing up in a dysfunctional family, Gardner went from a troubled, sensitive boy with ADHD and bipolar disorder to an angry man who could not control his violent and sexual compulsions. This case galvanized the community, first with hope and support during the search for the missing girls, then in a collective fury at Gardner and the flawed system that effectively robbed these two lost innocents of their bright futures. Educating yourself about sexual predators and this case could help you and your family protect yourself from falling victim to a similar tragedy.

  • From Corruption at City Hall and in Congress to Greed, Mayhem and Murder

    Rother went from an investigative newspaper reporter covering politics, government and human interest stories who wrote fiction on the weekends, to an award-winning feature writer of long journalistic narratives and profiles of people in the news, to an author of long-form narrative non-fiction with strong psychological themes, from true crime thrillers to inspirational memoirs, and crime fiction. She can speak in detail about how she put together any one or all of her books, crafting a compelling narrative from information gathered from numerous documents, interviews and universal themes that resonate with a general audience. Rother can also talk about the broader societal issues involved in each case and why she chose that particular subject, explaining how she weaves the back stories of victims and killers into fascinating forensic investigations and dramatic courtroom scenes.

  • Workshop: How to Get Published – and Stay Published

    The two primary keys to getting published are persistence and rebounding from rejection. To stay published, an author must continue to ride the waves of change in the industry, stay abreast of technological advances, and maintain the ability to spin many plates (i.e. projects, whether they be books or otherwise) without dropping any of them. Finding new ways to build on skills, knowledge and experience, and continuing to keep books in print and on the shelves takes organization, planning and sometimes seemingly boundless energy. Rother offers tips on how to keep those plates spinning, which should be helpful to aspiring writers, first-time authors and anyone, really, who wants to get to the next level in their chosen field.

  • You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play: Take a Risk, Follow Your Dream

    If you pursue your bliss and your passion, success is sure to follow. Or at least you’ll be happy trying. For authors like Rother, life as a full-time author is much like playing professional speculative poker. Every day, she must make decisions based on uncertainties, a continually changing publishing landscape and try to anticipate what will sell, hoping for the big hit. To stay in the zone of contentment, authors must also maintain the passion of writing and researching stories that not only deserve to be told but keep their hearts and minds stimulated. Staying in a job you hate and living in fear about the prohibitive cost of health insurance is not a life worth living. Get out, take a risk and go do what you really want to do. Just be sure you think it through and develop a contingency plan first. Rother will inspire you with her story.

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Let’s discuss how I can entertain, educate, or provoke some thought in your group. Click here to contact me if you’re interested in having me speak at an upcoming conference or meeting, do a radio or on-camera interview, or give a book club presentation by Skype (certain minimum size required).