Born: Caitlin Lisane Rother in Montreal, Canada.

​Immigrated: to the Santa Barbara area of California as a toddler before packing up and moving to San Diego. Became U.S. citizen to vote in 2004 presidential election.

Education: Bachelor’s in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley; master’s from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Home: Lives in San Diego, California; also frequents Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Sonoma/Napa.

Resume: During her 19-year career as a daily newspaper reporter, she worked briefly at States News Service in Washington, DC, then at the Berkshire Eagle and the Springfield Union-News in Western Massachusetts, (where author Tom Wolfe also worked, but not at the same time).


Returned to the West Coast to work as a full-time freelancer for the Los Angeles Times in Ventura County. Became a staff writer for the Daily News in Los Angeles before returning home to join The San Diego Union-Tribune staff. Also published in Cosmopolitan, the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, The Daily Beast, and The Huffington Post.

Practicing to be on TV in 1993 in Ventura County, where she worked at the Los Angeles Times  and Los Angeles Daily News

Early TV days while covering county government for The San Diego Union-Tribune

Switched gears: Left the Union-Tribune and news biz in September 2006 to write books full-time. Now working on her 14th and 15th books, and beyond, in between TV appearances, speeches and coaching aspiring authors. 

Latest books: Updated DEAD RECKONING (WildBlue Press), HUNTING CHARLES MANSON (HarperCollins/Nelson Books) and SECRETS, LIES, AND SHOELACES (Harmonic Convergence Press). 

Under contract: Writing SHE SAVED HIM CAN YOU SAVE HER: The Mysterious Death of Rebecca Zahau.  Also working on a book on the Frozen Zoo for San Diego Zoo Global Press. Trying to save the planet and all the animals on it, which are going extinct due to human encroachment, including hunting, poaching, development, and climate change. 

Coming soon: Also following the McStay case, and a few other projects in the pipeline. 

Writing coach-consultant-instructor: Caitlin has been teaching and helping aspiring writers for nearly 10 years, leading workshops, classes, private writing salons, and one-on-one sessions in person or by phone/email.  

breakingthecode: Caitlin was classically trained to played piano at age 7. She plays keyboards and sings in an acoustic band with Geza Keller, Tom Borg, and Tony de Paolo. We are breakingthecode.

Most controversial book: LOST GIRLS (Kensington/ Pinnacle, 2012), the revealing, behind-the-scenes story of the rape and murder of San Diego teens Chelsea King and Amber Dubois by sexual predator John Gardner.

First NYT bestseller: MY LIFE, DELETED (HarperCollins/ HarperOne, 2011), a memoir of Scott Bolzan, co-authored with him and his wife Joan. The compelling story of this former NFL player-turned-aviation entrepreneur's recovery after falling down, hitting his head, and losing all 46 years of his long-term memory.

First book published: POISONED LOVE, the authoritative account of the Kristin Rossum murder case (Kensington/ Pinnacle, 2005; updated 2011). Now out of print, this title is available now only in ebook or audio. Caitlin has limited number of  paperbacks for sale.  

First book written: NAKED ADDICTION, a mystery about sex, drugs and murder at the beach in La Jolla, took 17 years to get published, first by Dorchester in 2007, then updated and re-issued by WildBlue Press in 2014. It was Caitlin's third published book, and to date is still her only novel.


Get twisted: TWISTED TRIANGLE (Wiley & Sons/Jossey-Bass, 2009) former FBI agent Margo Bennett’s exclusive story about the attempt on her life by her ex-husband, former FBI undercover agent Gene Bennett. The Bennett case received international publicity due to Patricia Cornwell's romantic involvement with Margo after the two met at the FBI Academy at Quantico. Rother is the first to tell Margo’s exclusive story.

Title change in paperback: WHERE HOPE BEGINS is now titled DEADLY DEVOTION (Simon & Schuster, 2011, co-authored with Alysia Sofios), the inspiring true story of how Sofios, a TV reporter in Fresno, risked her career to help female survivors of the Marcus Wesson family recover from a cult life of abuse, incest, polygamy and the murder of their nine children, some in diapers.

Media appearances: Featured on more than 200 TV and radio shows and podcasts as a crime expert, including Nancy Grace, "Women Who Kill" on E!, numerous shows on Investigation Discovery, Netflix, A&E, Reelz, and Oxygen, including "Crime Watch Daily," "People Magazine Investigates," "Snapped," "Murderous Affairs," "Deadly Sins," "The Jay Thomas Show," "On the Record" with Greta Van Susteren, and “America at Night.” When Caitlin's living room transforms into a film set, the cameras come to her house for a "homey, warm" shot.

Honors: Nominated in 1998 by the Union-Tribune for a Pulitzer Prize for a story about a depressed teenager who died after lighting himself on fire behind a WalMart. Won three awards in the annual Best of the West contest, which judges stories from major metropolitan newspapers in thirteen western states. Also won five awards for a narrative that tracked the progress of all five recipients from a 12-year-old organ donor, including a Best Feature award from the Associated Press News Executives Council and a Best News-Feature award from the Los Angeles Press Club. Also won a Best of Show for magazines in 2014 for a San Diego Reader story about the sea lion population explosion at the La Jolla Cove. LOST GIRLS and POISONED LOVE were both San Diego Book Award finalists, in 2011 and 2012.




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