In addition to her own book projects, Caitlin Rother takes on a limited number of aspiring authors, writers, and potential co-authors as coaching clients to guide them as they pursue their dreams of getting published. She also helps clients develop their brand and build their platform, which is important to do these days even before trying to get published. And, with several decades' experience as an investigative journalist, she also serves as a research consultant to provide assistance with a writing project or to aid those who simply want to get to the bottom of a personal or legal issue. Do you need help with a project? Contact Caitlin by email at


“Caitlin Rother was a godsend to me. I was encouraged to contact her by a New York literary agency. She has given me focus and direction. Every session is full of succinct information that I never would have found on my own. I have no doubt that I will now have the best chance of success to tell my clients' stories as well as my own. With Caitlin's guidance, I am now looking forward to the day I can get my book published rather than thinking it is an insurmountable task.” 
-- Laura Mills, attorney and aspiring author, Ohio
Caitlin came highly recommended to me by a police detective who flew from Nevada to attend one of her writing salons in San Diego. She is a visionary, a confidence-builder, an excellent listener, and a change agent. I can't speak highly enough about her art of coaching.
-- Lori Cooper, aspiring memoirist, Ohio
“I asked Caitlin Rother to consult with me on my book proposal for [Grit and Hope] and she helped me get it into submittable condition. She held my feet to the fire about what I needed to do, and she also encouraged me. I needed both. Her recommendations were dead on, and I now have a book contract with the University of California Press.” (Barbara's book was subsequently released in 2016)
-- Barbara Davenport, author of Grit and Hope, San Diego 
“My stories have come alive with vivid imagery and snappy dialogue thanks to all that I've learned from Caitlin Rother. With her vast knowledge of how to build scenes, Caitlin also taught me research and interviewing techniques, how to incorporate factual details and quotes, and how to engage the readers's attention. Additionally, as I have now written an illustrated children's book, Caitlin's editing expertise has enriched my story to bring my human and mystical animal characters to life.”
-- Julia Hanweck, freelance writer and aspiring author, Washington, DC area
  • Developmental editing: help you shape your book or story (starting with an idea, half-finished manuscript or complete draft), craft a narrative structure, and turn it into a full-length manuscript.

  • Read/critique works in progress and offer tips to help you improve your writing for publication.

  • Teach you how to write a compelling scene, the basic component of narrative nonfiction.

  • Offer specific guidance on how to do the investigative reporting and research needed for your particular project.

  • Conduct actual research for your book or story, including background searches.

  • Vet ideas for and marketability of a proposed book project.

  • Guide you through the development and crafting of a nonfiction book proposal, and in some cases, write it for you (fees may vary).

  • Improve your interviewing skills to learn what questions to ask, of whom, and when - questions will vary for journalism, fiction and narrative nonfiction.

  • Help you navigate the ever-changing publishing world with tips on how to find an agent, build a platform, develop an online presence, or get more notice for already published books.

  • Teach you how to launch and promote your own book publicity tour through event planning, online blogs, radio/TV, social media, and soliciting reviews or news stories written about your books.

  • Coach you how to get on TV and radio to talk about your book, as well as how to give a successful performance.



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