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“I honestly could not stop reading Caitlin Rother's Then No One Can Have Her. It's riveting, revealing, and insightful. . .  Her closing chapters, written in first person, made my eyes water. What a fabulous, fabulous book!
-- Suzy Spencer, NY Times bestselling author  
“Tightly written, meticulously researched.
-- Steve Jackson, NY Times bestselling author 


A story of blood money, sex addiction, manipulation, and murder in Prescott, Arizona, this complex legal tale shows what can happen when a deep love between "soulmates" turns to obsession: Carol Kennedy, a peaceful, loving and creative therapist, and her handsome investment broker husband, Steve DeMocker. On this roller-coaster ride to justice, the evolving criminal investigation into Kennedy's murder continues even after DeMocker is behind bars as he pulls his girlfriend and family into his schemes, resulting in additional charges and a new defense team. Meanwhile, as judges play musical chairs, prosecutors and defense attorneys exchange ethical allegations and evidence of a contaminated DNA changes the whole landscape of the case. (Kensington/Pinnacle, 2015)

“Prepare to be hooked by Rother's absorbing narrative of greed, desperation, and twisty relationships. . . Between lies, financial shenanigans, shady legal maneuverings, and divided families, this tale sounds like fiction, but it's all true. and very dark.
-- Katherine Ramsland, forensic psychologist and author

Carol Kennedy grew up in a modest middle-class home in Tennessee. After a short-lived marriage, she fell in love the bright and handsome Steve DeMocker, who was raised in an affluent, educated family. The two "soulmates" got married and moved to Prescott, Arizona, where Steve had graduated from the small alternative university, Prescott College. As he rose from professor to dean there, they lived in the dream home she designed, at the foot of Granite Mountain.  She taught dream psychology there too, became an artist, and counseled domestic violence victims. After they raised two daughters, Steve left academics to become an investment broker. While he professed to love her, he had repeated affairs and promised to stop, but would not stop or let her go. When Carol pronounced him a sex addict, he claimed to have no time for counseling. Finally, after an acrimonious divorce, she thought she was done with him. But 35 days later, she was found dead, her skull pummeled with a golf club, ironically becoming a victim of domestic violence herself. It took two trials and five years from arrest to sentencing, but Steve was finally convicted of murder and, despite claims that he was wrongly convicted, he will spend the rest of his life in prison. 

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