“The Rebecca Zahau case is one of the great crime mysteries of modern times. It took an author of Caitlin Rother’s caliber to bring it into sharp focus. A riveting read.” 
-- Gregg Olsen, #1 NYT bestselling author
A suspicious headline-making death proves to be only the beginning as Rother unlocks the door of this real-life mansion of horrors to reveal a shocking true story of money, power, duplicity and scandal.”
-- Michael Fleeman, NYT bestselling author
In Death on Ocean Boulevard, Caitlin Rother skillfully chronicles one of the most fascinating and controversial cases of the past decade. Big money, sex and a questionable death makes for an addictive read.”
--Author Kathryn Casey 
“Veteran journalist and true-crime writer
Caitlin Rother . . . a writer who knows how to burrow into a complex case without becoming captive to her sources.” 
-- Los Angeles Times   
“A star in the field of true crime.
-- The San Diego Union-Tribune

DEATH ON OCEAN BOULEVARD: Inside the Coronado Mansion Case

The 911 call came on the morning of July 13, 2011, from the historic Spreckels Mansion, a lavish beachfront property in Coronado, California, owned by pharmaceutical tycoon and multimillionaire Jonah Shacknai. When authorities arrived, they found the naked body of Jonah’s girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau, gagged, her ankles tied, and her wrists bound behind her. Jonah’s brother, Adam, claimed HE found Rebecca hanging from the second-floor balcony. On a bedroom door in black paint were the cryptic words:




Was this scrawled message a suicide note, or a killer’s taunt? Rebecca’s death came two days after Jonah’s son, Max, took a devastating fall while in Rebecca’s care. Authorities deemed Rebecca’s death a suicide resulting from her guilt. But who would stage a suicide or a murder in such a bizarre, elaborate way? (Kensington/Citadel, May 2021)  

“I got a girl, hung herself in the guest house.”

-- Adam Shacknai's

911 call 

“Rother’s meticulous journalism shines through in this authoritative account of the Rebecca Zahau death incident. It’s difficult to know what to think of this kaleidoscopic case, but Rother provides the multiple perspectives and theories in a balanced manner, along with some significant surprises. If you think you know this case, think again. And read this book.

--Dr. Katherine Ramsland, professor of forensic psychology and author of The Psychology of Death Investigations   
“Caitlin Rother again blows the lid off a headline-making case that shook an upscale California community. Moments will astound and disturb you. All true-crime buffs should be drawn to this first-class reporting and stay until the last page is turned.”
—Ron Franscell, author of The Darkest Night
“This book is a deep dive into the muddy waters of a fascinating case. Caitlin Rother is methodical and brilliant in her reporting!”
-- Martha Steele, cohost of the "3 Book Girls" podcast
“Was it suicide or was it murder? Investigative journalist extraordinaire Caitlin Rother masterfully examines the controversial death of Rebeca Zahau in Death on Ocean Boulevard. What truths does she uncover? Riveting!"
-- Dan Zupansky, host of the "True Murder" podcast 


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