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     Caitlin Rother has written or co-authored 14 books, and always has several projects in the pipeline. The vast majority of them have been traditionally published, but she also has experience with indendent publishing. 

     In addition to her own book projects, she takes on a limited number of aspiring authors, writers, and potential co-authors as coaching clients for developmental shaping/editing, and to help them pursue their dreams of getting published. She also helps her clients develop their brands and build their platforms, which is important these days even before trying to get published. And, with several decades of experience as an investigative reporter, she also serves as a research consultant for clients who need assistance with a writing project or simply want to get to the bottom of a personal or legal issue.

     Some of her books have been updated and re-issued with new covers, and some are out of print, but she has a limited number of copies for sale. If you want to learn more about a particular book, just click on the cover. Each book has its own page, with a photo gallery. Click here to purchase personalized or autographed copies. Prices may vary depending on quantity and market demand.  

To order Caitlin's latest book, DEATH ON OCEAN BOULEVARD, click on the link. To learn more this book or her back titles, click on the cover image: 
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