"This kind of frightening and fascinating glimpse into a killer's mind is rare, and an extremely intuitive Rother makes the most of it.
-- Ron Franscell, NYT bestselling author
"Rother has produced a superior study of a serial killer and his lost and lonely victims." -- Author Carol Anne Davis


A psychological look at the life of long-haul trucker Wayne Adam Ford, who was convicted of murdering four troubled young women during rough sex, dismembering two of them, and then turning himself in so he wouldn't kill again. Still claiming the women’s deaths were accidental -- and that their strangulation was erotic asphyxiation, for their pleasure -- he is on death row at San Quentin prison in California. See below for the original cover of the book, first released in 2009, and Ford crying at his sentencing hearing.

"I hurt some people.
I don't want to hurt anyone anymore. . . Once you see what I have in my pocket, you'll know.
--Wayne Adam Ford
BODY PARTS first cover.jpg

Top row, left to right: Wayne and his brother Rodney as boys; adult Rodney; and Room Zero, where they both stayed the night before turning Wayne in. 

Bottom row: Wayne in the U.S. Marines; after a severe head injury that put him in the ICU for 9 days; and a still shot of Wayne from his booking video.

"A must read. . . well-written, extremely intense; a book
that I could not put down.” -- True Crime Book Reviews


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