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"Please pick this book up and read it. It is well written and it is an inspirational story of courage."
-- Dr. Phil
"Rother has produced a superior study of a serial killer and his lost and lonely victims." -- Author Carol Anne Davis
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One Family's Journey Out of Tragedy and the Reporter Who Helped Them Make It:

TV reporter Alysia Sofios risked her entire career to help the surviving female members of the Marcus Wesson family recover from a cult-like life of polygamy, incest, abuse -- and the mass murder of their nine children -- in Fresno, California. Together, they helped each other grow and bond into a new resilient family with a hopeful future. See below for coauthors Sofios and Rother when WHB was released in 2010; the paperback cover of the book, released in 2011; and Marcus Wesson, who ordered his teenage daughter to shoot eight siblings in the head and then herself. She did so -- all while the police were standing in the front yard. Like his fellow 737 death row inmates at San Quentin State Prison, Wesson received an execution reprieve from Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2019.

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