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“Riveting. . . Caitlin Rother presents a fascinating study of one woman's evil and greed -- that ultimately leads to murder. An emotional and gripping tale from beginning to end.
-- Aphrodite Jones, crime author and TV host
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Femme fatale Nanette Packard had a knack for seducing, manipulating and victimizing a string of husbands and lovers, often simultaneously. A habitual liar, cheat and thief, this Supermom con artist was married three times, had four children, and had spent millions by the time she and her lover, NFL linebacker Eric Naposki, went to trial for conspiring to murder Bill McLaughlin, her older entrepreneur fiance. Like an episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County Gone Bad," this high-profile fatal love triangle case shows that the pressures to appear wealthy, cosmetically enhanced, and mega-successful have only grown stronger. I'LL TAKE CARE OF YOU serves as a lens onto our obsession with celebrity, a national epidemic of materialism, and a lethal greed that has put so many Americans into the throes of crippling debt. (Kensington/Pinnacle, 2014)

“A star in the field of true crime.
-- The San Diego Union-Tribune
“A chilling account of murder and its aftermath by an author at the top of her game.” 
-- Author Fred Rosen

Bill McLaughlin and daughter Kim in the cockpit; seductress Nanette; Bill and his three kids; Nanette and her NFL linebacker lover Eric Naposki; boudoir Nanette; Nanette's wrote Bill's checks to herself; Bill's home in Newport Beach, where Naposki shot him in the kitchen; Greenwich Conn. police captured Naposki on "traffic stop" in 2009; Naposki worked at a nightclub three minutes from Bill's home; after a cold case investigation, Naposki was tried first, convicted of murder, sentenced to life in prison; Nanette was next and got the same sentence; Bill's daughters, Kim and Jenny celebrate the moment as the first verdict is read aloud. 

17C, EXTRA, Bill and Kim McLaughlin in t
11B) Naposki was arrested down the stree
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Nanette gold dress, 2007, Billy  McNeal.
A-Bill McLaughlin & Family, March  1994.
3C) Nanette forged Bill's signature on t
NapNan, Nanette boudoir.jpg
Nanette verdict7, OCR.jpg
13B) Kim and Jenny McLaughlin rejoice af
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