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"With a journalist's eye for the telling details of life, Caitlin Rother is 
a keen architect of the most important part of storytelling: character. The people in her prose grip you tightly with their truth."
-- Michael Connelly, NYT bestselling crime author
"Rother has produced a superior study of a serial killer and his lost and lonely victims." -- Author Carol Anne Davis


"A strong debut from a perceptive and unflinching writer. ... Detailed and tightly focused." 
--T. Jefferson Parker, NYT bestselling crime novelist. 
Naked Addiction original cover.jpg

In a lethal confluence of sex, drugs and the murder of young beauty school entrepreneurs in the wealthy beach community of La Jolla, undercover narcotics detective Ken Goode confronts his own demons during a homicide investigation that brings him into contact with a drug ring and an escort service while he tangles with a seductive witness and worries that his missing sister will be the next murder victim. This was the first book that Caitlin ever wrote (and rewrote), but not the first she got published. When the now-defunct Dorchester put it out in 2007, it had taken 17 years for Caitlin to finally get it into print.  Then in 2014, she revised and updated it for a re-release with WildBlue Press. See below for the original cover of the book, first released in 2007, and Caitlin's headshot at the time. Time flies.


Real-life scenes where this story takes place: Windan'sea Beach and Harry's Coffee Shop in La Jolla. The book launch party and sunset reading at the house in La Jolla where Caitlin grew up, complete with a live performance by several musicians she plays with today, including her partner Geza Keller. 

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"Caitlin Rother walked the walk as an award-winning journalist, and now she talks the talk in her debut novel."
-- Crime novelist Alan Russell 
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