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Welcome to my private bookstore! If you would like to buy an autographed copy of one or more of my 14 titles, please send me a message below. Please specify which title(s) you are interested in. The publishing world has shifted more to ebook and audio books for back titles, so most of mine are out of print, so they aren't available in bookstores anymore. I have a limited number of copies in my private inventory, however. Prices will vary depending on how many I have left and market value, so let me know which one you want and I will let you know how much it costs. Also, please specify if you want a personal inscription, or just my signature.

As of April 2021:
Death On Ocean Boulevard: Inside the Coronado Mansion Case: Please use this link to buy a signed copy from the San Diego Library bookshop. You can also email Bay Books in Coronado at, or call them at 619-435-0070. Both bookstores will ship books out of the San Diego area. 
Dead Reckoning, the latest updated version with 30 pages of new material, sells for $22, including tax (trade paperback), or $10 for earlier editions (the original or the 2016 updated edition in mass market paperback). 
Hunting Charles Manson sells for $20, including tax (hardcover), or $17 for the trade paperback.
Where Hope Begins  sells for $22, including tax (hardcover, very limited stock).
Then No One Can Have Her  sells for $15, including tax (mass market paperback).
I'll Take Care of You sells for $15, including tax (mass market paperback).
Naked Addiction, Love Gone Wrong  and My Life, Deleted sell for $17 each, including tax (trade paperback).
Secrets, Lies, and Shoelaces  sells for $8, including tax (thin trade paperback). 
I have only a few copies left of Poisoned Love, Body Parts , and Lost Girls , please contact me for pricing, because it will depend on market value as collector's items.
Collector's item: Twisted Triangle  is long out of print and is not available in ebook or audio versions. Long story. Contact me for pricing. Extremely limited stock.
Shipping: $5 covers one or several books, depending on edition size. 

Here's an incentive: If you buy more than one and they fit in the same envelope or box, the shipping cost won't increase much -- unless, of course, you want to buy an entire set of backlist of titles. But even then, the cost is not prohibitive, because I send them media mail.

Thanks so much for your support. I couldn't do it without you. So, you keep reading and I'll keep writing. Have a great day!

Warm regards,

Caitlin Rother 

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