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"When it comes to the best in true crime, Rother never fails to deliver." -- Gregg Olsen, #1 NYT bestselling author 
"Rother has produced a superior study of a serial killer and his lost and lonely victims." -- Author Carol Anne Davis


This collection of ten magazine-length true crime  stories, both historic and contemporary, features murders from South Carolina,

Georgia, and Florida. From the famous serial killer "Pee Wee" Gaskins Jr. to Sue Logue, the first woman ever to be executed in South Carolina; teens who kill their parents; spouses who murder their boyfriends and husbands; and a millionaire who hired a hit on his wife, fled the country, and became an international fugitive who was captured in Thailand and brought back to the U.S. wearing only one shoe. LOVE GONE WRONG is available in print or ebook. See below for more details about the cases featured; smaller collections of stories are available by state separately, in ebook and audio formats. 

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This smaller collection features three cases in the former Confederate state of South Carolina, where racial strife and righteous, heavily-armed indignation leads to murder:


1) A Complicated Woman: Sue Stidham Logue, the first woman in South Carolina to go to the electric chair after a vengeful family feud over a dead calf turned fatal. Logue also had a tempestuous love affair with Strom Thurmond, before he became a U.S. senator.

2) Young, White and Angry: Dylann Storm Roof, the 19-year-old man who tried to incite a race war by fatally shooting nine African-Americans during Bible study in a historic church.

3) Even On Death Row: Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins Jr., the state's most prolific serial killer, who, after killing countless men, women and children, managed to murder the inmate in the adjacent cell on death row, using smuggled explosives. 

A COMPLICATED WOMAN is available in ebook and audio formats. 



This compilation pairs two sets of murder cases with similar circumstances, but very different outcomes. The stories take place in sunny Florida, the vacation destination that is home to Disney World and miles of beaches, yet also has more killers on its death row than any other state but California.


1) Kill Him Some More: Catherine Pileggi. A former flight attendant murders her multimillionaire boyfriend of eighteen years, using a gun, a knife, a hammer (and possibly poisoned his gin as well), claiming he was abusive for years and put a loaded gun to her head.

2) Fast and Furious: Melissa Webb. A Native American woman with a history of violent, drug-addicted boyfriends kills her latest lover after only a few weeks together, alleging that he forced a gun into her mouth in a drug-induced rage. Webb has since won a new trial.

3) Matricide in Carrollwood: Valessa Robinson, Adam Davis and Jon Whispel. A 15-year-old girl falls in love and wants to have a baby with a boyfriend who is four years older. Her mother, who wants to end the relationship, ends up dead after being stabbed, choked, and injected with a syringe loaded with bleach.

4) Patricide in Altamonte Springs: Courtney Schulhoff and Michael Morin. A 16-year-old girl and her 20-year-old boyfriend conspire to fatally bludgeon her disapproving father with a baseball bat.

KILL HIM SOME MORE is available in ebook and audio formats. 

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This collection features three murder cases in Georgia, where the all-mighty dollar trumps mercy and lawfulness on an all-too-regular basis. Where hit men can be hired for small sums and lovers can be manipulated into killing innocent people, all out of greed.

1) Fugitive With One Shoe: James “Jim” Sullivan and Philip “Tony” Harwood. The socialite wife of a multimillionaire is fatally shot by a flower delivery man on the day of a key divorce hearing. After sending authorities on a global manhunt, Jim Sullivan is brought back to face justice 20 years later, wearing only only one sandal on his gout-ridden feet.

2) Hit Men For Hire: Bruce Gastwirth, Sean Doutre and Richard Savage. In the second, a crooked businessman trying to go straight is shot in his driveway by a hit man wearing a ski mask and camouflage gear—one in a nationwide series of contract-for-hire murders, advertised in the classified-ad pages of Soldier of Fortune magazine.

3) Jailhouse Religion: Kelly Gissendaner and Gregory Owen. And finally, a Gulf War veteran and father of three is kidnapped, beaten and stabbed by the lover of his on-and-off-again wife, who wants to collect life insurance benefits and pay off her house. The lover makes a deal for a life sentence and a chance at parole, while the wife gets the death penalty. She becomes the second woman ever to be executed in Georgia, even after the Pope, other faith-based advocates and two of her children fight for her clemency, citing her dramatic repentance and rehabilitation through religion.

DEAD ON DELIVERY is available in ebook and audio formats. 

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