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Get Your Summer Read On: Special Offer For Book Clubs!

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Hi everyone,

I wanted to thank those of you who have helped me spread the word about my new book, DEATH ON OCEAN BOULEVARD: Inside The Coronado Mansion Case, because books sell by word of mouth and the recommendation of friends. Posting even a short a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a book blog is always a great help and much appreciated.

I also wanted to let you know about an offer I’m extending to those of you in book clubs for a great summer read, but first a little good news.

I’m grateful and thankful for the incredibly positive response I’ve had to the book so far, and for the reviews that have come in. Here are two of my favorites from a couple of true crime authors:

“You’ll be convinced first one way then the other as you race through the pages of this disturbing mystery. DEATH ON OCEAN BOULEVARD is so meticulous, so organized… Caitlin Rother is the journalist we all want to be when we grow up.”

--Camille Kimball, author of A Sudden Shot: The Phoenix Serial Shooter

“The mysterious deaths of Rebecca Zahau and the young son of her wealthy boyfriend Jonah Shacknai were ripe for scrutiny by a good investigative true crime author. And Caitlin Rother delivers. Ultimately, readers of “Death on Ocean Boulevard: Inside the Coronado Mansion Case” must determine whether they believe Zahau was murdered or took her own life. But they can now do so armed with Rother’s exclusive revelations about what is a truly mind-bending case. Her fascinating book really pulls you in. It surprised me by upending my own initial thoughts. So, get ready for a gripping read.”

--Sue Russell, author of Lethal Intent

If you were hoping to attend a virtual event about the book, or wanted to wait until you read the book to avoid spoilers, I have posted links to seven weeks’ worth of TV news segments and interviews, virtual book discussions, Q&As, and podcasts on my virtual tour calendar. Just click on this link to peruse one or more of them.

For the time being, I ask that folks buy autographed copies of this book from the San Diego Public Library bookshop here, or from local stores around San Diego (I've signed books at many Barnes & Nobles). During and since the launch, many bookstores had COVD-related delays in receiving books from the distributor, so I'm holding off on private sales for now because those don't count toward the NYT bestseller list.

Now that I’m fully vaccinated, and as more people are getting back out there, I’m starting to do some in-person events in safe settings (outdoors is always preferable), with others who are fully vaccinated. That said, most bookstores aren’t ready to do even an outside table signing, and many community groups are still doing Zoom or hybrid meetings, which is still fine by me. If you’re part of a large group that would be interested in reading the book and having me as a Zoom speaker to talk and answer questions about it, please email me at or contact me here.

On to the book club offer: Because of COVID-related delays and distribution problems with the book, I’m trying to come up with creative ways to reach readers. In that vein, I’m happy to do a 30-minute Zoom or Skype presentation and discussion with clubs that have at least 15 members who buy the book (or for two or three smaller clubs that want to join together to meet this threshold, which may be more realistic).

I will send the club leader(s) a list of questions that I wrote specifically for book clubs so folks can continue the discussion after my portion of the program is over. I can also coordinate and facilitate a discount bulk purchase of signed books that are shipped to a single address, which will cost much less than if all the members buy their own books on Amazon. This same offer will work if you are back to meeting in-person (I’ll join on computer) or if you are meeting on Zoom already. Just contact me for details and to schedule a date.

Hope you have a great, safe, and healthy summer!

Warm regards,

Caitlin Rother

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