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Big News: A New Book Deal and Saving the Planet with the Frozen Zoo

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

This book project is a vast, but welcome, departure from my usual True Crime fare

I'm thrilled to announce that I have signed a contract to work with my good friend Georgeanne Irvine from San Diego Zoo Global Press on a book about the Frozen Zoo. I didn't even know this amazing resource -- managed by the zoo's Institute of Conservation Research -- existed until December 2018, when George approached me at a Soroptimists breakfast to ask me if I was interested in writing this book. I said YES after doing just a little bit of research, fascinated to learn that for years local zoo scientists have been collecting tens of thousands of specimens -- cells, skin tissues, sperm, gametes, and DNA -- from animals (and plants) nearing extinction.

This will be a big departure from my other books, because it involves growing new life and saving the planet rather than murder, suicide, and death. But TC fans, don't worry, I'm still multi-tasking and working simultaneously on several true crime projects in progress.

The fun thing is that my mom, Carole Scott, who doesn't hold my same interest in TC, is very excited about this project. She has been asking me every time we talk when she can start telling her friends about my new Frozen Zoo book. The answer is now! I'm also very excited to be writing the story of how the FZ came into being and what hopeful promises it holds for the future of our planet.

Another fun thing, I originally met George through the now-defunct San Diego Writing Women, the author group and blog I managed for several years, the latter of which is still online. It has lots of good stories and tips from a dozen female authors, including George, Laurel Corona, Zohreh K. Ghahremani, Jennifer Coburn,Margaret Dilloway, Kathi Diamant, Lisa Cobbs, Marjorie Hart,and Divina Infusino. You can find it at

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